the Miniaturists

the Miniaturists


Minaturists 38

The Arcola, November 2012

I'M REALLY GLAD WE HAD THAT CHAT by Kefi Chadwick dir. Katy Rudd

WAIT by John Yates dir. Melissa Dunne

LIFE CYCLES by Nick Myles dir. Alex Crampton

WHY I DON'T LIKE THE SEA by Simon Longman dir. Clive Judd

GOG AND BOB by Mark Bowles dir. MaryClare O'Neill

Stage Managed by Jess Davis and Catherine Baines
Lights by Alex Fernandes
Sound by Chris Barlow
Curated by Stephen Sharkey, Declan Feenan and Flavia Fraser-Cannon

"Just because something's small doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. Or experimental, or poignant or thought provoking. For proof of this, look to the Miniaturists"Natasha Tripney, musicOMH

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